Everything IS INFORMATION. You can obtain information about anything that exists.

Any INFORMATION can be SENSED through its emission of specific qualities – Unlimited by time, space or dimension.


OMNISÊNSE is the juxtaposition of the 9-Centered Paradigm from the Human Design System with The Science of Vibrational Radiesthesia.


Unlike Mental or Psychic Radiesthesia, which relies on asking questions to seek a ‘yes/no’ answer, Vibrational Radiesthesia is about being in a state of resonance with any information (be the information active or dormant).

Vibrational Radiesthesia opens up unique and subtle organs of perception.


This is the first level in a 3-level workshop series.

In this OMNISÊNSE 3-DAY LEVEL 1 WORKSHOP you will learn life-changing, practical skills: how to directly Test, Measure and Apply any of the 12 Bands of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum, for both profound health benefits and for advanced spiritual development, using the Personal Wavelength Testing method.

The skills in this workshop can be applied to a wide range of practical, daily activities.

Many people use the skills gained in this workshop for their own healing work, as well as to measure the specific quality of vibrations (information) present in people, locations, crystals, herbs, supplements etc.   These techniques will also reveal how any person, place, plant, or animal (ANYTHING) is affected — either helped or harmed — by any specific informational field.

You will learn how to test for balance or imbalance in any part of the human physical body and energy centers, and how to determine which materials / methods will optimally balance the problems you find.

Specifically, Using a Neutral Pendulum, learn hands-on, how to apply  highly effective techniques to:

  • Test the Polarity or Binary (non-polarized juxtaposition of two ‘units’ of information) of any person, place or thing — and determine what weakening or strengthening effect it has on the body’s systems.
  • Establish resonance with any information field and “Tune” into the Personal Wavelength (the unique Energy Signature emitted by ALL-THINGS; both animate and inanimate)!
  • Go Beyond the Abilities of systems like Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), to find More Subtle Differences in Energy Effects on Living Beings.
  • Test which Types of Foods, Supplements etc. are the most Compatible, the most Healing, and the most Strengtheningfor a specific person (and even to know which specific Brand of a Supplement is the Best Match for a Person.)
  • Test which Types of Therapies, Prayers, Meditation, Music, Movies etc. are the most Compatible, the most Healing, and the most Strengthening for a specific person.
  • “Navigate” consciously through any level of a Person’s Energy System to locate all sources of Disturbance and Correct Them.
  • Test the Energetic Balance or Imbalance in any Organ, Body Part, Acupuncture Point or Meridian, or Major Energy Centers.
  • Test for Side Effects: What parts of the body are weakened or harmed by specific sources.
  • Detect the presence of Specific Items (whether Beneficial or Harmful) within your body, food, drink, supplements, building materials, etc.
  • Find Hidden Objects or Invisible Energies Using “Proxies” (Information Samples) .
  • Know whether any person is lying or telling the truth.
  • Test Information Correction Tools to see which ones Balance Problems in your Energy Field — and which Ones Weaken and Unbalance You.

You will also learn to:

  • Apply Vibrational Radiesthesia to the 9-Centered Paradigm.

PRICE: 300€ (Price includes a ROSEWOOD Neutral Chamber Pendulum (retail value 60€.)

Everyone is welcome to attend this workshop; no prior training of any kind is required!

To Register or Questions: Whatsapp +7 9202571877 or +62 895394619530



  • Bring any personal objects/items you would like to test their effect on your PERSONAL WAVE LENGTH.
  • One new or used battery (AAA or larger).

TyeZan has been a Sensitive and aware of subtle vibrations his entire life. Using skills he learned in the field of Vibrational Raddiesthesia, he has developed his innate abilities to “SENSE” any INFORMATION, even that which is beyond time, space or this dimension.

TyeZan offers multiple levels of training in OMNISÊNSE “ALL-SENSING”.

Disclaimer: No Medical claims are made nor implied. User assumes all responsibility for their exploration of information or materials. Information reflects historical usage and concepts from different world healing traditions, many of which are not recognized or supported by modern Western Medicine. Information Testing and all Information Healing concepts, whether traditional or contemporary, are to be considered experimental holistic approaches and are not considered valid by modern Western Medicine. All information and products are for personal exploration only, and are not intended for diagnosing nor treating any disease.