About TyeZan

TyeZan (Тайзан, Russian  泰山 Mandarin) has been a “SENSE-i-TIVE” (being aware of subtle information fields) his entire life.

He began his training in various forms of Martial Arts and Oriental Thought while still in his early teens in the USA.

In 1978 TyeZan started his journey into mastering different modalities of Bodywork and Energy Work.

Then, in 1982, while working as a professional Modern Dancer in Germany, he began his study and practice of Classical Hatha Yoga.

In 1985, while living in Chengdu, China, he taught English at a local university and furthered his study of Tai-Qi and Qi-Gung,

That same year, TyeZan made his first of several trips to Tibet where he was enthusiastically received by Buddhist monks and given a private tour of hidden chambers within their temples.

Years later, through his insights based on The Human Design System, TyeZan narrowed the core of his practice to a sequence of asanas, conscious breathing techniques and energy movements which he called Aesthetik Yoga.

Over the course of several more years, TyeZan was able to synthesize his many practices with his discovery of  The Perpetual Orgasm; a method he developed to simplify and intensify into one technique a direct way to make every moment orgasmic.

What followed was a specific application to his yoga practice which he named Orgasmik Yoga.

TyeZan has logged over 14,000 hours of personal yoga / meditation practice.

He leads ‘BodyFullNess’ workshops, including Awakening Feminine Essence, and other events internationally and offers individual sessions in the Human Design System as well as The Nu-Body Activation System & BondTra.

TyeZan uses OMNISÊNSE – INFORMATION ALCHEMY™, (the juxtaposition of a 9-Centered Paradigm inspired from the Human Design System and the Ancient Egyptian Temple Science of Vibrational Radiesthesia), as the basis of his life process. He is a guide and role-model in the art of Perfected Form, in resonance with the Form Principle and its expression through the Sacred Feminine.

====== “There is nothing to do and nothing to change. Simply be and see. Be correct and See correctly. Everything else will take care of itself.” TyeZan =====

Since 2013 TyeZan has facilitated workshops and individual sessions predominately in Russia and other ex-Soviet Union countries as well as Eastern Europe, while maintaining a base in Ubud, Bali from 2010 to 2023.

He was a featured facilitator at The Bali Spirit Festival from 2014 until 2018.

TyeZan has traveled to more than 80 countries.

He is a citizen of the world, is fluent in German and carries a Swiss passport.

Most of his time in recent years has been devoted to developing new protocols, techniques and tools such as OMNISÊNSE – INFORMATION REMEDIES™.


“Hello TyeZan. I can’t find words to express my gratitude to you for all the knowledge and experience I’ve got from you.

My body is so much more free and relaxed. I see how my mind is changing. I see different kinds of relationships with other people in my life becoming more clear; my behavior patterns changing and becoming more caring to myself.

Thank you for this healing and transformation.”

From Anna, Ukraine, November, 2023 (Workshop attendee and The Nu-Body Activation System client)