Human Design “Variables” Readings

A Variables Reading takes you deeper into your differentiation process. The Variables consist of 4 components that accelerate cellular de-conditioning.

After one has been experimenting with and honoring their Type, Strategy and Inner Authority for a period of time, they will feel an energetic “shift”; a realignment of their underlying frequency to what it is to live according to their TYPE. This provides the structure and foundation – “glue” – needed to apply the variables as an intensifying agent. The Variables are based on the genetic architecture of the individual.

The four Variables are:

  • PHS – Primary Health System
    • PHS is a “dietary” regiment that allows the individual to differentiate at the “physical” level. By following your PHS you allow your body to align to its cellular blueprint of optimal well-being and longevity by rebuilding the brain and vital organs at the cellular level. Unlike most diets, fasts, food fads, etc. PHS is not concerned directly with what you eat but more importantly with the conditions / circumstances around how we digest and process food, people and situations.
  • Environment – (Your Aura’s protective and nourishing “bubble”)
    • The correct Environment, which is specific to you as an individual, assures that you are optimally protecting and nourishing your new frequency. Environment is not a place, rather a condition / circumstance that best supports your ability to differentiate at the “emotional” level.
  • View – (How you were intended to see the world)
    • View is all about perspective; how you were designed genetically to “see” the world. It is the “frame” that sets the stage for cognition. If you are not seeing what you were intended to see, you will not to be able to reach the full potential of how you are designed to be conscious. It is differentiation at the “mental” level.
  • Motivation – (How you were intended to be present in the world)
    • Motivation is all about consciousness / awareness; how you were designed genetically to “be” in the world, which is supported by your correct PHS, Environment and View. Being fully ‘awakened” is differentiation at the “spiritual” level.

Each Reading includes an audio (mp3) copy of your reading and a copy of  your body graph including your variables.

Readings can be done in person or using a remote conferencing app such as skype.


“My Foundational Reading based on Human Design with TyeZan was pretty incredible.  Right from the start of the reading, I felt the information resonate with my being.  I found the Reading to be validating and enlightening.

TyeZan really knew the material well, was very well prepared and I was amazed at how factual it all was.  The information about myself has been very helpful in understanding my decision making process and has provided me with a strategy for understanding and action.

Because of how well this modality resonated with me, I went even further and had a “variables” Reading, which I am still in the process of integrating and understanding.

Human Design is something I highly recommend and feel that everyone should do it as it leads to a better understanding of oneself and imparts practical and useful information that is extremely valuable.  What a better world this would be if everyone truly understood their own personal human design!”

Howard Klein, Co-Founder – Desa Seni, Canggu, Bali