Human Design Connection (Partnership) Readings

Human Design is known as the Science of Differentiation. To be in a fruitful, loving, growing relationship (personal, business, romantic) each person must first know who they are and understand their individual strengths and challenges; how they are genetically designed to reach the fullness of their potential to be unique and the challenges they could face in attaining this.

In other words, first they must know, accept and honor who they are. In Human Design, we refer to this as “Operating Correctly”.

Then they must also know, accept and honor their potential partner for who they are.

In an “ideal” partnership two unique individuals are choosing to be together with the knowledge and understanding of how their uniqueness allows them to interact in a healthy way with another unique individual.

Once they know the “good” and “bad” they can choose wisely.

Whenever we come into auric proximity with another individual, something magical happens.  We are not just bringing ourselves to someone else — we are creating a unique ENTITY, which becomes greater than the sum of its parts. A Connection/Partnership Reading allows us to see who this entity is, what its needs are, where it is “flexible” and where it is “fixed”.

Once each partner has been given their Individual Foundational Reading they are brought together and given a Partnership Reading. The Partnership Reading covers additional topics including these four major components:

  • companionship (where and how both are genetically similar)
  • dominance (allows you to see your partner objectively as others see them)
  • compromise (where and how each partner is genetically controlling an aspect of their relationship)
  • electro-magnetics (where and how both partners are genetically attracted (and potentially repelled) to each other)

At the end of a Partnership Reading, each partner will know the strengths and challenges of being together as a couple and their individual responsibility and contribution to the success of their relationship.

Prerequisite: each person must have their own Individual Reading first.

Each partner will receive an audio (mp3) copy of the reading and a copy of  the composite body graph.

Readings can be done in person or using a remote conferencing app such as skype.