OMNISÊNSE – INFORMATION REMEDIES™ are created using OMNISÊNSE INFORMATION ALCHEMY™ ( a synthesis, incorporating knowledge based on the 9-centered paradigm of the Human Design System and the ancient Egyptian Temple Science of Vibrational Radiesthesia).

All OMNISÊNSE – INFORMATION REMEDIES™ products are formulated to RESTORE BODY TO ITS NATURAL AND PROPER CONDITION, in communion with each individual body’s innate intelligence.

There are currently 13 Information Remedies products available.


  • SLEEP-E-Z™




Each Information Remedies product is informed first-and-foremost through the ‘Consciousness’ of raw SHUNGITE from the Republic of Karelia, Russia.

In addition, each Information Remedies product is imbued with a unique set of Information Remedies, added for their ability to bring ADDITIONAL benefits to Spirit AND Body.

Each Information Remedies product is also designed to bring balance to the right and left hemispheres of the brain.



Shungite is one of the most complete expressions of “consciousness in form; in perfect alignment with the Form Principle.

Shungite’s Consciousness is present in the Information Remedies primarily to:

1) purify and animate the water and act as CUSTODIAN for the Information Remedies (water is used as a carrier for the Information Remedies)

2) insure the integrity of each product’s Primary Purpose of UNITY and CONNECTEDNESS and

3) ‘orchestrate’ the resonance to, and transference of, each Information Remedy to Body as needed.



By attentively shaking the bottle with your dominant hand for up to 10 seconds, you are aligning your INFORMATION FIELD to that of the respective Information Remedies product and simultaneously expressing your consent to commune with its consciousness.

After shaking the bottle, Body will first either ‘recognize’ one or more of the Information Remedies available, or not.

If Body does not recognize a specific Information Remedy, Body will simply ‘ignore’ it.

Secondly, if Body recognizes a specific Information Remedy, and NEEDS it, resonance is established between Body and the Information Remedy(ies).

Resonance (the quality or state of being in Unity and Connectedness) allows an Information Exchange to occur between the consciousness of each Information Remedy and the Intelligence of Body.

Once resonance is established, AND if Body needs the Information Remedy, information transference can occur.

In other words, Body can now ’embrace’ the new information.

Body will ‘absorb’ as much of each Information Remedy as it needs – in the correct amount for that moment in space and time.

Should Body not embrace any of the added Information Remedies, it will still benefit from the respective Primary Purpose of each Information Remedies product, i.e. Unity and Connectedness – by way of SPIRITUAL CENTERING or PHYSICAL GROUNDING – and the balancing of both hemispheres of the brain.

Below are some descriptions and testimonials of a few of the Information Remedies.


THE HIGHER HARMONIK OF GOLD™ (HHG) for “Spiritual Centering” and

SUPERSONIKSILVER™ (SSS) for “Physical Grounding”.

These two Information Remedies products form the foundation of the Information Remedies product line.

When taken within 5 minutes of each other, they work synergistically to form a whole greater than the sum of their parts.

The Primary Purpose of the THE HIGHER HARMONIK OF GOLD™ (HHG) is to align the individual to their spiritual center and bring immediate spiritual, mental and emotional clarity and balance.

In addition, the HHG has been imbued with 5 Information Remedies to assist the individual in being / staying Spiritually Centered.

The Primary Purpose of the SUPERSONIKSILVER™ (SSS) is to connect, i.e. “anchor”, the individual back to Body, especially  when feeling disconnected, distressed or when dealing with any emergency.

In addition, the SSS has been imbued with 15 Information Remedies to assist and support Body to remain aligned, grounded and in a healthy, balanced state.

Think of the SSS as your personal medicine chest.

“I experienced the physical grounding at a very crucial time. After a deep tissue massage, a few drops of the SuperSonikSilver under the tongue was exactly what I needed to ground and reestablish my system in full presence with myself and with my surroundings. 

I experienced more clarity in my brain and more certainty in my physical body. I was loaded with amazing information. My whole body felt energized to move easier throughout the day.

I appreciate TyeZan’s attention to detail in order to make such a delicate, yet powerful, elixir.” 

MN, Portugal



These two Information Remedies products were added to assist with the specific day-to-day stress and challenges of being a healthy and optimally functioning Male or Female, respectively, and thriving in today’s modern, complex world.

Both of these products contain all components of the SUPERSONIKSILVER™ for Physical Grounding, and, in addition, carry their own specific Information Remedies.



The Information Remedies included in the MALE SUPPORT Information Remedies product are added to assist the male reproductive organs (14 Information Remedies from male-supportive herbs), the immune and circulatory systems as well as to strengthen the bones and tissues.

In addition, Information Remedies are included which assist males in 1) dissolving feelings of anger and aggression, 2) removing emotional scars of abuse (to oneself and toward others) and 3) replacing these detrimental qualities with the beneficial qualities of Compassion, Benevolence and Inner Joy.

“The male support is very powerful energetically. I felt immediately after taking it a surge of energy and more stamina.

It gave me a psychedelic effect that lasted for about 2 to 3 hours. When the trip was over though, I felt so clam and clear about things in my life and peaceful.”




The Information Remedies included in the FEMALE SUPPORT Information Remedies product are added to assist the female reproductive organs (3 Information Remedies from female-supportive herbs), the immune and circulatory systems as well as to strengthen the bones and tissues.

It will support the female body through any Emergency, including during PMS, the moon cycle, pregnancy, birthing, postpartum depression and menopause.

In addition, Information Remedies are included which assist females in 1) dissolving feelings of depression/anxiety, fear and trauma caused by a history of victimization, 2) removing emotional scars of abuse (to oneself and from others) and 3) replacing these detrimental qualities with the beneficial qualities of Forgiveness, Empowerment and Gracefulness.

“Before trying the Female Support Information Remedies I always felt nervous. Before going to bed one night, I took the Female Support Information Remedies as directed.

Then I had a dream.

In the dream my father was standing in front of my mother and me dressed as a woman. He was so proud and unashamed as he looked at himself in the mirror.

After I woke up I realized that the Female Support Information Remedies can bring me more awareness about my feminine qualities. It helped me to see that I am shy and ashamed of being female.

This was a huge realization for me. Female Support Information Remedies helped me bring subconscious tendencies to the surface.

I feel very good about the OMNISÊNSE  Information Remedies.” 

TT – Xian, China




The PRIMARY PURPOSE of the FINANCIAL FREEDOM Information Remedy is to align the intelligence of the body with each individual’s conscious and subconscious potential for true prosperity and abundance; not just financial, but social, health-wise and emotional as well.

Financial Freedom starts on the inside, with each individual’s unique experience.

This Information Remedy can serve the individual and their projects, as well as the entire companies and businesses they work with.


3 weeks intake / 10-day rest cycle / Restart

First 3 Weeks

“Feeling more at ease with following my inner authority and dropping the mind. More clarity and execution. I have more trust when it comes to receiving abundance; being able to see prosperity in more ways.

During the 10-day rest cycle 

In terms of my business, I was able to close the gap of internal confusion sooner than before I had started taking the Financial Freedom Remedy.

My Mind still got taken out from time to time but it’s easier to come back to the inner authority than before.

Restart After 10-day rest cycle

Safety is a big one. I feel safe to NOT follow through with what I said I’d do with clients haha! There’s more flexibility in handling my offerings but not without structure.

I take initiative with more flow and move more swiftly with change and I’m feeling more at ease to be in the unknown.

I’m able to play more.

Also, I’ve been seeing new possibilities and expansion that, in the past, I would find many excuses not to take action but now actually begin to entertain new paths to generate more $ and provide more room for myself to rest.”

Joanne, Digital Nomad and Entrepreneur


Using the OMNISÊNSE FULL UNIVERSAL VIBRATIONAL SPECTRUM ANALYSIS™ testing tools and techniques, all Information Remedies products, and their components, were measured and shown to be beneficial at all:

  • 7 Degrees of Information Quality Resonance – Matter, Vitality, Energy, Vibration, Frequency, Consciousness and Information. These Degrees of Information Quality Resonance are distinguished from each other based on the amount of Structure, Organization and Density relative to each other and the direction of flow, i.e. CW (clock wise) vs CCW (counter-clock wise).
  • 10 levels of the Spiritual Archetype Ruler (results show no breaks in the CENTERING VIBRATION at any of the 10 levels and the degree of intensity at each of the 10 levels is greater than 19 units)
  • 9 CENTERS (based on the 9-Centered Paradigm of the Human Design System)





No claims are made as to the efficacy of these products for any specific condition.

These products are sold for aesthetic and experimental purposes only!

No claim is made or implied about the safety, efficacy, health effects, etc. of these products.

We recommend that you research the subject for yourself and make full use of your amazing abilities to learn.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and have not been approved by any local, state or federal health agency.