TESTIMONIAL from Inurystri, vocal sound healer

“TyeZan did the most amazing room correction for me.

I had recently moved into a new house and could not sleep properly for many weeks.

I’m quite sensitive to energies in places and though I loved the overall energy of the house, I felt there was something not quite right when I slept on the bed.

I normally love my sleep but I noticed since moving in, I would subconsciously procrastinate going to bed at night and when I did, I would have a restless sleep.

I would then wake up really early just to get out of bed.

After some time I felt so exhausted. I felt there was something off with either the bed or it’s position or something, but I didn’t know what and didn’t know what to do about it.

TyeZan came over, and using OMNISÊNSE™, he was able to test if there was detrimental energy there to me, and confirmed there was.

Most importantly, he was able to find out where the negative energies were (which happened to be just around my bed) and correct it using his correction tools and OMNISÊNSE™.

I was a little skeptical at first (as I had never heard of OMNISÊNSE™, or knew how it works), but I trusted TyeZan as he was so experienced and had a wealth of knowledge.

I’M GLAD I DID because I slept so comfortably that night!

Over the next few nights I continued to sleep better and better.

Now months later, I still sleep well and have loved sleeping in my bed since.

The energy I feel when I go to bed now is so different, I feel at ease, safe and conformable, whereas before I felt uneasy.

I’m also happy to sleep early and enjoy sleeping-in with ease.

Thank you, TyeZan, for correcting the negative energies so quickly. I can sleep so well now and I’m so grateful.

I would recommend TyeZan to anyone who feels the energy in thier room or home is off/not quite right, or if you’re wondering if your property/rooms are sitting on geopathic stress lines which can be detrimental to health.

Once your environment is corrected and you feel the benefits, you’d wish you’d contacted TyeZan sooner.

I also highly recommend those who have bought or are buying property, to contact TyeZan to have thier land/property checked for detrimental energies or geopathic stress lines so they can either avoid accidentally building rooms over it, or have them corrected.

Thanks again TyeZan.”